Christina is a native of Frankfort, Kentucky and was introduced to massage therapy in her early childhood while attending yoga classes with her mother.  In middle and high school, Christina swam on the high school swim team, and would often give her teammates massages on the bus ride home to reduce lactic acid buildup, and relieve aching muscles.


After she graduated high school, Christina enrolled at Maryville College, Maryville, Tennessee, where she majored in Biology.  Her dream was to become a pediatric surgeon.  After the first semester, she quickly realized biology wasn’t her calling.  In May, 2010, Christina graduated from Maryville College with a Bachelors degree in Physical Education and Health. 


In January, 2014, Christina made a decision to get back to her roots and enrolled at Lexington Healing Arts Academy’s massage therapy program.  During her clinic internship, Christina realized she was being called to work with three very distinct populations: Pre-natal/postpartum clients, the elderly, and those in Hospice care.  After graduation from massage school, Christina completed an additional certification in Pre-natal and Postpartum massage beyond the state requirements for Licensed Massage Therapists. 


Christina is a mother to six wonderful daughters. The road to motherhood wasn’t easy or always happy.  Christina has experienced three miscarriages, one of which was silent.  She understands the emotional stress and needs of mothers who may have experienced a loss, whether six years ago, or last week.  Christina approaches every client with respect, integrity, and compassion.


Christina Means, Owner

Licensed Massage Therapist

Clinical Internship

B.A. Physical Education and Health



Anne-Claire has been practicing massage on friends and family since she was 12 years old.  She was introduced to massage therapy at an early age from her mother.  After she graduated high school, Anne-Claire enrolled in Bluegrass Community and Technical College, pre-radiology.  After her first semester, she realized she was more interested in anatomy and physiology than reading x-rays, so she immediately enrolled at Lexington Healing Arts Academy's massage therapy program. 


Anne-Claire is no stranger to the world of pain.  She has a personal understanding of chronic pain, and hopes to use that understanding to educate and help others.  Anne-Claire has taken additional courses in deep tissue massage.

Anne-Claire Gibson

Licensed Massage Therapist

Clinical Internship