Services & Treatments

Swedish Massage    
$45.00/ 30 Minutes     $70.00/ 60 Minutes     $105.00/ 90 Minutes


This massage modality offers clients a very relaxing experience.  Pampering techniques are used to improve circulation and sleep quality, as well as provide relief from everyday stress and tension.


Deep Tissue Massage
$80.00/ 60 Minutes     $120.00/ 90 Minutes     $160.00/ 2 Hours

This modality of massage offers relief from chronic muscle problems and injuries.  Many people have a belief of "no pain, no gain", but that really is not the case.  While the therapist does go beneath the top layers of muscle, clients should still be at a tolerable pain level throughout the entire session.  We will check in with clients using a pain scale to assess and evaluate different strokes and techniques.  If necessary, we will make changes to our approach while still addressing the root concern.

Labor & Delivery Support*    


Lavender Moon is proud to offer massage services during your labor and delivery.  Research shows that massage is a safe and effective way to reduce maternal pain and stress, which can reduce labor time.   After pregnancy progresses past 37 weeks, we can begin working labor inducing points on your body.  Combined with relaxing massage, this helps get your body ready to deliver your sweet little baby.  If you desire, we will travel to the hospital with you for delivery support onsite.  This service must be requested in advance, as a therapist will be oncall for up to 5 weeks.

Postpartum Massage    
$75.00/ 60 Minutes     $112.00/ 90 Minutes


After delivery, Lavender Moon offers postpartum massage to help your body get back to its pre-pregnant alignment, as well as help restore lost chi during labor and delivery.  We use a variety of techniques, such as abdominal binding, to help the body return to its natural state.  Additionally, Mother Roasting is also used as a way to keep mom warm so she can build up the lost life energy required to birth a baby. 


At Lavender Moon, we recognize that sometimes life is not always sunshine and lemon drops.  For our mothers who have experienced a loss, we are here to support your needs as well.  Please let us know if you have experienced a loss so we can provide a nurturing and comfortable environment for your massage experience. 


Postpartum massage is available up to six weeks after delivery.


Elderly Massage*  


This massage takes place most often at an assisted living facility or nursing home.  and is designed to meet the specific needs of the aging population.  Our knowledgable therapists work with clients with varying degrees of health concerns.  Each person (or designated healthcare surrogate) completes an intake form with medical history and concent.  If there are any health issues or concerns, a release of information form will also be completed.  This form allows the therapist to speak with the primary care physician or specialist to ensure safety and maintain effective treatment for the client. 

Hospice Massage*

It is our privilege at Lavender Moon to provide loving, compassionate massage to our clients in Hospice.  In this time of life, let us help bring peace and comfort to your loved one by giving the gift of presence, improved sleep quality, and reduced stress and anxiety through quality touch. 


This massage takes place most often in hospice facilities, nursing homes, and at the clients place of residence. To provide safe massage therapy, each person (or designated healthcare surrogate) is asked to complete an intake form with medical history and concent.  A release of information form will also be completed. This form allows the therapist to speak with the primary care physician or specialist to ensure safety and maintain effective treatment for the client. 

* Please Call For Rates


** Packages Available - Call to customize yours today!

Prenatal Massage    
$80.00/ 60 Minutes     $120.00/ 90 Minutes     $160.00/ 2 Hours

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  This is a very special time in your life and Lavender Moon is honored to be a part of it.  At Lavender Moon, we understand the unique needs of the pregnant mommy-to-be, from pre-conception through postpartum.  We recognize that your body is changing, not just physically, but emotionally as well.  That is why Lavender Moon specializes in providing safe and effective massage techniques for every trimester while meeting the dynamic needs of the mother.  Every massage therapist at Lavender Moon has completed additional training in Pre-natal and Postpartum massage beyond the state requirements for licensure.


If you would like to receive massage regularly throughout your pregnancy, please call us for our special Mommy Massage Packages.  We will customize a massage package to meet your needs at an affordable price.


Couples Massage    
$140.00/ 60 Minutes     $210.00/ 90 Minutes     $280.00/ 2 Hours

Sometimes couples just need to get away and relax.  Let Lavender Moon pamper you together with our couples massage.  This treatment allows you to both receive a massage in the same room.  If you want to hold hands, you will be close enough to eachother to do so.  For our expecting couples and those who have recently delivered, an additional $10.00 will be added for the prenatal/postpartum massage.  Please let us know in advance if you are expecting so we can provide the best comfort and support during this special time.


Hot Stone Massage
$80.00/ 60 Minutes     $120.00/ 90 Minutes     $160.00/ 2 Hours


Hot stone massage is a wonderful way to melt tension away through the use of heat application.  The therapist will work with a variety of special stones as an extension of their own hands.  Stones glide smoothly across the body providing heat and directed pressure to relieve muscle strain and soreness.

Chair Massage & Events*


At Lavender Moon, we are pleased to offer on-site chair massage to central Kentucky.  Chair massage is a cost-effective, guaranteed way to improve office productivity and boost morale quickly.  Research shows that massage therapy helps improve work-related issues, including: poor posture, carpel tunnel, stress, and fatigue.  We will gladly come to your office, conference, meeting, convention, appreciation day, or any other event.  If you can incorporate chair massage, we can be there!


Compassionate Hands...Massage for Oncology Clients  

*$45.00/ 30 Minutes *$65.00/ 45 Minutes  $75.00/ 60 Minutes                *Targeted areas


Oncology Massage is the adaptation of massage to safely nurture body, mind and spirit of anyone who is dealing with cancer. We have caring and compassionate Massage Therapists who are willing to work with the difficulties that come with a cancer diagnosis. When booking, just ask for the Compassionate Hands Massage!